Ayda ShabanzadehManaging Director

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Ayda Shabanzadeh is Grow Consulting Group's Co-Founder and Managing Director.

I’m Australia’s leading Gen Y property educator but, beyond that, I’m the straight shooting friend we all need. When it comes to Gen Y my purpose is to help you achieve your dreams and show you – yes, YOU – how you can become a homeowner. Why am I so passionate about this? Because when I was younger I had to learn about property investment on my own. I made some good decisions but there were some poor choices that could’ve been avoided if I had guidance back then. That’s why I want to help as many people as possible to learn from my mistakes. 

So why listen to me? I’ve gone from struggling to pay my rent in a share house as a teenager to today owning an extensive property portfolio. I’m the Co-Founder of several multimillion-dollar property and finance companies, having began my career over 15 years ago as a debt consolidation consultant. I regularly contribute to Your Investment, Your Mortgage, Domain, The Courier-Mail, Sydney Morning Herald, Sky News, 4BC and Cosmopolitan, when not long ago being a female in this industry meant my opinion wasn’t valued. Attend my events or engage with me to learn skills you'll value for life.

Ayda Shabanzadeh is a credit representative (399840 credit rep number) of BLSSA Pty Ltd ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Credit Licence 391237).



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Darrin LeungDirector - Marketing & Sales


Grow Property Group Director Darrin Leung is renowned for his innovative vision fuelled by his passion for the industry. 

So when he started the company in 2006 he had key mantras in mind to guarantee success. ”Fostering an environment conducive to everyone reaching their maximum potential was one,” he said.

Using Michael Jordan and Donald Trump as inspiration, men he admired for their leadership qualities and clutch execution, Grow Property Group grew quickly because clients were impressed by Darrin’s personal property investment success.

This progression was on Darrin’s radar since a young age. When pressed by his grade five teacher about career plans, Darrin’s destiny was already mapped out and emphatic success pictured. “At primary school other kids said they wanted to become firemen and nurses when they were older. I said i was going to change the property world forever,” he said.

Eager to not have to overcome the monetary and lifestyle difficulties faced by his parents, who financed the Leung’s migration from Hong Kong by tirelessly saving money from their labour jobs, Darrin enrolled at Queensland University of Technology.

After finishing Civil Engineering Degree and a Masters in Built Environment, Urban Design and Planning, Darrin returned to his childhood dream. “I’ve always loved the property industry,” he said. “I loved drawing houses and looking at houses on the waterside as a kid with my parents, even though we couldn’t afford it. I love how property positively impacts the life of people.” 

Just like Jordan and Trump, with charismatic leadership, the drive of a perfectionist, innovative ideas and spritely competitiveness, Darrin keeps Grow Property Group surging forward as Queensland’s best boutique real estate agency.

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Ashley DicksonExecutive Office Manager


They say when it comes to judgement calls it’s always best to follow your gut and only by doing so did Grow Consulting Group’s Ashley Dickson enter the real estate industry.

“My husband, he got into property eight years ago when he purchased an investment property,” she said. “It led to my involvement as a landlord which I really liked and here I am.”

A former qualified sports massage therapist, whose expertise in this area helps to aid her weekly touch and netball recovery, Ashley joined Newstead Realty from Century 21 West Property. There, she functioned as the Office Administrator and completed a Real Estate Sales certificate which has helped to propel Ashley to her current position. 

Initially joining Newstead Realty in a Property Manager Assistant capacity, Ashley’s experience in the property industry has seen her rise through Grow Property Group’s organisational umbrella. Comfortable in any staff position across Newstead Realty and Grow Consulting Group, Ashley is the Executive Office Manager for the latter and soaks up as much knowledge about sales and developments from Managing Directors Darrin Leung and Ayda Shabanzadeh.

Amongst many day-to-day tasks, Ashley’s constantly busy responding to various requests and enquiries, assisting financial enquiries, aiding the management team and ensuring the office is running smoothly. 

Ashley’s meteoric rise from landlord to invaluable staff member is a real example of the phrase ‘love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life’.

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Robert LamprechtSales Consultant

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A multiple homeowner from Johannesburg, South Africa, Robert Lamprecht is our treasured Sales Consultant at Grow. 

An unwavering passion for property, which started when he was a mechanic straight out of high-school, has positioned Rob to thrive in this role given his practical experience. 

“I’ve always dabbled in property,” he said. “I’ve experienced real estate services through other companies and knew I could do a better job, that's how I got into the industry.” 

Rob’s road to Grow has included ample education and three successful career changes. He’s completed a Diploma of Marketing and studied Marketing at Queensland University of Technology, as well as working as a Mechanic, IT professional and award-winning sales manager for Audio Visual. 

In each position Rob, a Tenerriffe local and keen rebuilder of vintage 1960’s Volkswagen Karmann Ghia’s, has displayed the enthusiasm sure to hasten his ambition to become property’s go-to guy within a five kilometre radius of the 4006 postcode.

“My family values are hard work, dedication, honesty and a love of life,” he said. “Without hard work you get nowhere and I’m offering that work ethic to people in real estate unlike others.” 

When Rob’s parents moved Down Under they seeked a better life for their son. Through property, on a personal level, he’s made it happen. Now he’s going to fulfil the same goal for the wider Brisbane community.

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Michayla LaycockFront Office Administrator


Serving as Grow’s Front Office Administrator, Michayla Laycock is the first point of contact for visitors to our office. 

Joining Grow in 2018, Michayla Laylock was born and raised in Tasmania before moving to Brisbane after finishing high school in 2016.

The youngest staff member in the office, Michayla brings three years of experience in the property industry to our organisation.

Here her main daily tasks include front office administration duties, leasing rental properties, responding to e-mails and managing keys.

“My favorite aspect of working in property is being able to communicate with all different types of people,” she said.

“I’m a real people person, so being able to chat away with and help clients is always a highlight to my day.”

Motivated, confident and reliable, Michayla also thoroughly enjoys the fast-paced nature of her occupation. 

“A typical day is never the same and each day is always new, exciting and challenging,” she said.

In her spare time, Michayla enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as escaping the hustle and bustle of the city all in the name of travel. 

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