Brisbane property investors and home buyers refinance to reach investment goals

  • August 2, 2011
  • Ayda Shabanzadeh
  • Investment

Many Brisbane property investors find themselves in a situation where their current lender and finance arrangement are providing barriers to allowing them to achieve their goals through property.  Instead of just simply waiting until their financial situation improves dramatically, we usually advise they first consider the possibility of refinancing.

Recent statistics released by a national mortgage broker show that a record 39.2% (or two out of every five mortgages) processed last month were for refinancing. Lenders have recently introduced some very competitive offers on rates and incentives to switch, so often it’s just a matter of shopping around to find a deal that will not only save Brisbane property investors money, but also allow them to take advantage of opportunities currently on the market.

There are many reasons that support reviewing your arrangements on a regular basis – not only if you want to invest in property. For example, another lender, or even the same lender, might be able to offer a more competitive rate under a different package or arrangement. It’s very difficult to compare fixed rate mortgages with basic or standard variable mortgages and then take into account the varying terms and conditions from each lender, and this is the reason Brisbane property investors and home buyers appoint us to do the comparisons for them.

Not only might making a change allow you to look at other possibilities in the current Brisbane property market and take advantage of current Government incentives, but also put more money in your pocket at the same time.