Sydneysiders Eye Brisbane For Property Investment

  • October 25, 2017
  • Ayda Shabanzadeh
  • Australian Property Investment
brisbane 2

Sydney’s soaring property prices are causing hundreds of thousands of locals to pursue property investment opportunities in south-east Queensland.

Further encouraging Sydneysiders to not only purchase property in Brisbane but also migrate north is the rate in which job opportunities are increasing in Queensland’s capital.

A recent note from Macquarie Bank to clients, as reported by the ABC, reiterated the belief that Brisbane has massive upside when it comes to property investment.

“Sydney house prices are nearly double those in the other capital cities and job creation in Queensland is on the rise,” Macquarie Bank wrote.

The note continued by stating that in the next 36 months Macquarie Bank researchers estimate 130,000 people will make the move from Sydney to Brisbane.

Such a population influx will have a flow-on effect as “asset rich” buyers originally from Sydney will fuel growth in south-east Queensland's property market.

Researchers say this is largely because Sydneysiders will be estimated to transfer approximately $8.1 billion in housing wealth to Queensland’s capital.

“Probably the most important aspect of this is not the number of people moving, but the fact that they are asset rich,” Macquarie Bank wrote.

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