Why Smart Property Investors Are Targeting The Sunshine State

  • February 7, 2019
  • Ayda Shabanzadeh
  • Australian Property Investment
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Savvy portfolio builders and owner-occupiers across Australia are shunning their local property markets in favour of Brisbane.

With more affordable housing and a renowned cosmopolitan outdoor lifestyle, Brisbane’s property market outlook is currently more favourable than any other Australian capital city.

Renowned property expert Ayda Shabanz said real estate in Queensland’s capital is proving popular because the market “represented bang for buck” in a city on the rise.

“Property in Brisbane is cheaper and people want to buy investments which they can see growth potential in, that’s why Brisbane is deservedly receiving ample attention,” she said.

“Helping to shape the positive view of Brisbane are developments like Howard Smith Wharves and the first stage of Brisbane Quarter which recently opened and will drive the market up.”

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Daniel Walsh, the founder of Your Property Your Wealth buyers’ agency, cited convenient travel as another factor behind the rise of Brisbane’s property market.

“People can just jump on a train or be straight in the city in a couple of minutes [when they buy property in Brisbane for the aforementioned price],” Mr Walsh said.

“Whereas in Sydney, you’re looking at say, Mount Druitt, and a commute to the CBD is going to take 50 minutes.

“It’s not just the difference in housing prices but it’s the difference in what it costs to live [anywhere else]; you’ve got to go through tolls, everything’s more expensive.”

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