Brisbane Property Investment Evening

12th Nov 2013

Travel around Brisbane and the large amount of developments in progress support the nationwide knowledge that Brisbane’s property market is booming. Michelle Hele from The Courier-Mail further verified this notion by writing “Brisbane’s property market recorded stronger growth than any other capital city in Australia during the past month” on September 3rd 2013.

Grow Consulting Group would like to invite you to an intimate focus evening hosted by our director Ayda Shabanzadeh at 6.15pm on Tuesday November 12th at our office located at 4/9 Longland Street, Newstead. For all property enthusiasts, this essential evening led by a Brisbane property industry expert will teach you how to:

Invest Strategically: Now you’ve saved capital, both buying a home or an investment property are feasible options. With Ayda’s guidance, figure out which option’s tailored to your situation.

Invest Professionally: Brisbane’s Australia’s fastest growing property market. Find out which local areas are current and future hotspots and discover how to buy into them.

Reduce Mortgages: Nobody wants to be burdened by debt for a lifetime. Wise up to how you can pay off your home loan in less than eight years.

Invest Without Compromise: Do you want to buy a property but you’re not sure if you’ll be able to maintain your standard of living? Uncover why it’s not as hard as you think.

Numbers are limited so if you want to join the lengthy list of people who’ve been expertly counseled by Grow Consulting Group register your interest in our free focus night by contacting us on (07) 3252 3785 or by registering here.