The Road to Property Ownership - Brisbane

20th Mar 2018

Are you afraid of buying a property because you think it means you’ll have to stop holidaying overseas, socialising with friends or spoiling yourself with new clothes?

FOMO shouldn't stop you from buying a property because by following the right strategy you can still find a way to live the life you love.

That’s why I’m hosting my workshop called The Road to Property Ownership across Australia where you’ll:

  • Learn how to buy a property without compromising your lifestyle.
  • Discover what to look for when searching for the right property.
  • Recognise the patterns and cycles of the property market.
  • Understand how banks assess your lending potential and
  • Gain access to exclusive pre-public and off-market properties.

Becoming a homeowner has helped me achieve greater financial freedom and a lifestyle that many can only dream about.

Hence why I’d love to meet you so register your attendance by filling in your details on It’s FREE so hurry because places are limited.