Despite record property prices, the next generation of home buyers is still getting into the market

Apr 2017

Gen Y buyers can have their coffee and still get into the property market despite rocketing prices.

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Top Tips on Negotiation

Jan 2017

Townsville REIQ Zone Chair, Damien Keyes gives his tips on negotiation.

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Brisbane vacancy rates have bounced back new data shows

Jan 2017

A data analysis of vacancy rates across Brisbane.

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Gen Y not afraid to walk away when conditions are not ideal

Jan 2016

Martin Peril has bought three properties so far, two of which he sold, securing the art deco apartment he currently lives in.

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Brisbane rents flat for an entire year: Domain Group

Oct 2015

Tenants in Brisbane have weathered the year well, with no increase in the median rent for houses or apartments, new data shows.

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Gen Y told to stop whingeing and start saving if they want a chance to get into property market

Jun 2015

THEY’VE been dubbed the “bubble wrap generation” but now the kid gloves are off with Gen Y househunters told to “stop whingeing and start saving” if they want to jump on the property bandwagon.

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First-home buyers need to stop playing victim

May 2015

Gen Y wannabe property buyers need to stop complaining about being priced out of buying a home.

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Baby boomers flood apartment market

Jan 2015

Which property type are baby boomers leaning towards?

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Brisbane property values to benefit from G20

Nov 2014

What impact could Brisbane's G20 have on the city's property prices?

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Brisbane suffering from 'racist' reputation

Oct 2014

International property investors are turning away from Brisbane due to perceptions that it struggles with cultural acceptance, according to a property consulting group.

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