Queensland first home buyers are back at it again

Mar 2013

They have been keeping quiet for the past two years but as soon as conditions improved they’re back, and no, we are not talking about some biennial plant, we are talking about Queensland first home buyers. It is official, the numbers don’t lie, they are b

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Queensland 2013 house prices: stability on the cards

Jan 2013

The last few years have been a tumultuous time in the housing market and many people are unsure which way it will go in the future.

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First homebuyer grant doubled in Budget

Sep 2012

FIRST home buyers purchasing new homes will have their grants increased from $7000 to $15,000 for 15 months and then pushed down to $10,000, in the key giveaway of today's NSW Budget.

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Prime time for investors

Jul 2012

LOW prices, low interest rates and less competition is fuelling a prime time for inner city investors, says a Brisbane investment specialist.

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Lifestyle needs dictate market

Jun 2012

THE latest local lifestyle changes are set to change Brisbane's property landscape substantially, according to Brisbane property investment consultants Grow Consulting Group.

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Perfect time for investing

Feb 2012

NOW is a good time to invest in property, says a leading independent property expert. RP Data research director Tim Lawless said home prices were unlikely to get much cheaper, making it a prime time to invest.

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Government Incentive for New Homes Extended for Another Three Months $10,000 to buy new property will likely end

Jan 2012

Well, it has now officially been confirmed. The QLD State Government's incentive of $10,000 for all buyers of new property, designed to stimulate the residential building industry and local property market, has just been extended for another three months!

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Time runs out for state government incentive to buy new

Nov 2011

Queensland property buyers are quickly running out of time to claim the full incentive of up to $35,000 to buy a new home, according to leading Brisbane Property Investment Consultants, Grow Consulting Group.

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Long-term affordability over 'get rich quick'

Aug 2011

Investors shouldn't buy property to 'get rich quick' or for the sole purpose of claiming tax deductions, rather it should be a long-term strategy allowing one to still achieve personal lifestyle goals today and into the future, according to Ayda Shabanzad

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Buyers seek city-centric living options

Jun 2011

THE next generation of property buyers are not only content to raise a family in an apartment or townhouse, but are actively seeking out higher density, city-centric living options, according to Brisbane property investment consultants Grow Consulting Gro

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