Beware cost of repairs

08th Jun 2011

PROPERTY investors may be getting charged for the repair and replacement of items that are the developers' responsibility, it has emerged.

Ayda Shabanzadeh, managing director of Brisbane property investment consultants Grow Consulting Group, said many faulty items including white goods, LOGAN WEST PROPERTY PRICE GUIDE fixtures and other structural defects were included under the developer's warranty.

"Most new houses, apartments and townhouses, including those bought off the plan, come with a comprehensive warranty and this means the developer will cover the cost of repairing or replacing these defects or faulty items," she said.

To ensure that the property manager is completely aware of what items are covered under warranty, as well as being in contact with the developer, it is obviously preferable that there is a seamless flow-through from property investment consultant, to buyer's agent, to property manager, all under the same roof." she said.

Source: Logan West Leader