Brisbane's ageing investment gems

24th Sep 2013

The old saying age before beauty might be spot on with respect to property investment at the moment. In fact, a number of investors are starting to look at some of Brisbane’s older inner city apartments as a great way of making a good return. While these apartments might look a bit worn they are often extremely easy to tenant, making them a sound investment.

If you want to get a good bargain and you want a good return (which sounds like most of us!) then you can find a place that could be described as somewhat dodgy within five kilometres of the CBD that will never be without a resident. People want to live in the CBD but not all of them can afford the big rents that new apartments demand, that means that with a cheaper inner city property you can be sure that you will have a tenant at all times.

The best locations are those that have a degree of bohemian cool rather than run down, they are areas near tertiary institutions that have lots of cafes, bars and art galleries nearby.

If you want to get a place that will always be easy to find a tenant for, older inner city apartments are the way to go.