Brisbane's Broadway on the Mall to get a revamp

05th Nov 2013

Brisbane’s Broadway on the Mall is going to be hauled into the new millennium with a overhaul. The Mall’s 80s look will vanish and the redevelopment will turn the Mall into a European arcade inspired space.

The Mall will be closed from August 31, as property funds management group ISPT begins the transformation of the site into a new and exciting shopping precinct. Chris McCluskey, ISPT development services general manager, said that this project would introduce a new architectural style to the city. There will be a four level atrium inspired by traditional European arcades, with generous proportions and lots of natural light.

Since the retailer Harvey Norman left the mall a large percentage of it has been vacant, this remodelling promises to rejuvenate the space and bring in new shops. Among the redevelopment plans, they are aiming for a major retail evolution, with a flagship retail store, specialty retail shops, as well as an open plaza area that will encourage people to stay longer in the precinct. Though no flagship retailer has been announced the rumour mill is working over time, with suggests it could be Apple or Zara.

This remodelling will only help to strengthen property price increases in the surrounding area.