Gold Coast high rise market back into the swing of it

19th Nov 2013

The Gold Coast high rise market is back on top! Yes, after a few years in the doldrums, the high rise market is on the rebound, with research from Colliers International showing that there were 166 apartments sold during the June quarter, which puts this year's sales around 49 per cent up on 2012, which is a huge upswing.

Industry experts believe that  the Gold Coast market has turned and is on its way back up. From the March quarter last year there has been an increasing rise in volumes and while there has been a small dip that was due to the lack of available stock rather than due to any decrease in interest from buyers.

It comes as no surprise that there are new apartments planned to go up over the next year or so as developers have seen that the market is positive. This will have flow on effects across other sectors of the Gold Coast real estate market, as the high rise boom will help push up other stock prices.

If you are thinking about buying then now is the time, if you already own and want to sell then you waiting a few months then selling before the new buildings are finished would be ideal.