Gold Coast property due for another surge

27th Aug 2013

Hold onto your hats, forecasters believe that Gold Coast property is due for another surge! So why is the GC property market set to surge again and what can you do to make the most of it?

House prices on the Gold Coast are tipped to rise by around15 per cent over the next three years due to a number of factors. Low interest rates, major commercial developments and anticipated work opportunities look set to drive up purchaser confidence in the next few years and boost the residential market. Another big factor in the coming surge is foreign investment, in particular Chinese buyers, who have become the single largest overseas property investors in the region and look set to cement this position in the next few years.

So what does this mean for locals? It means that if you are thinking of buying you need to do it now before the prices go up. With the low interest rates on offer and the incentives on offer, now is the time to get your foot on the property ladder or increase your portfolio.

With increases of 15 percent in three years, there is a new gold rush on the Gold Coast, so get in quick.