Long and short term property investment Brisbane

16th Feb 2010

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The Brisbane property market provides opportunities for investors looking to reap the rewards in both the long and short term.

Over the long term, property does increase in value. Recent statistics indicate that there has been an 11.71% per annum increase in Brisbane over the last ten years for houses and 10.55% per annum for units. Investors who bought and held their property over the last ten years will definitely have made money if they sold last year.

However, a buy and hold strategy does not suit the goals and needs of every investor. Some people plan to make money over the shorter term, through buying, improving and selling so that they can further build their property portfolio or achieve financial freedom more quickly.

Many of our clients have made money by completing simple renovations to an older inner-city home or apartment, such as replacing the carpets, repainting or replacing the kitchen. Others have found opportunities a little further out from the CBD buying properties that can be sub-divided or benefit from zoning changes in an area.

Investing in property is not as simple as just buying any property and hoping for the best, without a plan. It also does not follow a "one size fits all" approach. At Grow, we take into account an investors current situation, their affordability and what they want to achieve, before we put a plan in place including a suitable mortgage structure to support them achieving their goals.