Queensland 2013 house prices: stability on the cards

30th Jan 2013

The last few years have been a tumultuous time in the housing market and many people are unsure which way it will go in the future. With talk of bubbles and booms it is no surprise that the average ma and pa investor is somewhat nervous about entering into the property market.

A new report released by the Fitch Rating gives some clarity to an otherwise difficult sector. This report focused on residential mortgages and it concludes that the Queensland property sector, will remain stable for the foreseeable future but does warn that the almost annual double digit price growth of the decade to 2010 will not happen again for many years to come, excluding high growth areas such as mining towns.

What this report tells us is that the property sector looks set to become a more reliable area of investment for those looking for a relatively low risk prospect. Certainly there is not the same possibility for massive returns but this is balanced by far greater security. This means that if you are looking to create a guaranteed income for your retirement then property is the go, especially with rental prices showing no sign of levelling off any time soon.