Why property buyers love a pool

15th Nov 2013

There are some features which can really make a property so much more attractive. A pool has to be one of exciting features a property can have. It can turn a rational buyer into an impulse buyer, it can force people to go over their original budget and it can bring buyers in who otherwise would not have looked at the property.

This popularity is not just anecdotal either. Many of the big online real estate companies have the data at their finger tips and they have found that the term ‘pool’ is at the top of the list when it comes to refined search terms for both buyers and renters. In other words, aside from the number of bedrooms, price and area, pool is one of the key features that people search for when they are looking or rent or buy.

While it may seem like a big cost, putting a pool in really does pay dividends further on down the track. However, you need to get the right pool, you want one that is well placed and high quality. People prefer pools near the house so that they have an indoor outdoor flow.

Pools can help you make a splash on the property market.