Why you should be marketing your property to women

17th Sep 2013

A large part of selling anything is understanding your target audience, if you can work out exactly who you should be marketing to then you can tailor the message and increase sales amounts and frequency, this is marketing 101.

Recent research suggest that if you want to sell your home faster then you need to market it to women. Yes, women have been shown to be the decision makers when it comes to purchasing property. What this means is that you need to target your advertising and your home dressing toward females.

The research goes on to talk about how women are generally more emotional when they look at property, that they are more likely to like or dislike a property based on their gut feeling rather than on how big the garage is or how many bathrooms it has.

If you want to tailor your marketing approach to women then you need to stress the intangible properties of a house, that it has character and is warm and cosy, rather than listing all of its features. You also need to dress it in a more warming and bright manner than you would for a man.  

Target your audience.