Kelvin Grove Suburb Profile

Local Govt. Authority



3km north of Brisbane CBD


Good public transport, Kelvin Grove Urban Village, proximity to Brisbane City 

Housing and Realestate

Kelvin Grove has become a popular suburb for a range of people wishing to live close to Brisbane City, the Queensland University of Technology and the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

The suburb's proximity to the city makes it a popular residence for young people, who study at QUT's Kelvin Grove campus, or commute into the city centre for work.

Located less than 4km north west of Brisbane's CBD, Kelvin Grove has experienced good growth in median house prices over the past five years as buyers have taken advantage of the suburb's proximity to the city.

Well serviced by public transport with easy access to the City along Kelvin Grove Road and other major roads, Kelvin Grove will continue to attract residents and tenants. 

The Royal Brisbane Hospital is in neighbouring Herston, and many of Kelvin Grove's residents are medical professionals and hospital workers who want to live close to work.

Most of the homes in Kelvin Grove are renovated post-war workers' cottages and Queenslander-style homes. However, given the suburb's close proximity to the city and demand for the area, the number of medium-density units has increased over recent years. In keeping with the local architecture the redevelopment of former Queenslander houses into duplexes has emerged as a trend in the area.

The completion of Kelvin Grove Urban Village, with its apartments, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes has added to the popularity of the area.

Source: REIQ