West End Suburb Profile

Local Govt. Authority



3.5km south of Brisbane CBD


Cosmopolitan cafe and restaurant precinct, proximity to Brisbane CBD

Housing and Realestate

Bounded by Highgate Hill to the east and South Brisbane to the northeast, West End is situated alongside the Brisbane River.

The suburb has recently seen extensive unit development, hoping to capitalise on the strong rental market.

West End has developed in the last 10 years into a lively area for nightlife. 

The main street precinct has attracted an array of multicultural restaurants and coffee houses. 

It has become a popular alternative nightspot for people from all over Brisbane.

West End is an eclectic and dynamic suburb. 

It was once a very working class area, with a number of factories located along the river and Montague Road. 

As these factories began to shut down, the suburb increasingly became home to university students, alternative types, and international migrants due to its affordable housing and rents, and its proximity to the CBD.

Centred on Boundary Street, on the southern side of the river, bohemian West End has many ethnic restaurants, some interesting secondhand bookshops and multicultural food shops. 

The community vibe of the suburb is being increasingly threatened by newer developments and an influx of young, urban professionals who are driving rents up.

Small restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, shops, bars and bakeries have evolved along Boundary Street, and have added to the vibrant high street atmosphere, day and night, over the years.

As urban renewal projects in areas such as Newstead and New Farm wind down, the Council and developers are increasingly looking towards the old industrial areas of West End to help house the future growth of Brisbane. 

Just opposite the South Bank Parklands you'll find busy Little Stanley Street where you can dine alfresco at one of the many eateries. 

The area also caters for street entertainers and various corporate events. 

There are pubs for night owls and markets for the weekenders.

It remains to be seen whether the urban renewal programme will improve the area without detracting from the eclectic vibe that so many residents of West End and Brisbane so greatly value.

Source: REIQ